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Advanced Project Management

Song Box makes it easy to keep your Lyrics Writing projects organised and synced in one place.
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Cloud Saving

You can save the projects you create with Song Box to cloud services such as Dropbox and then send them to your computer or share them with the people you care about.
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Background Song Processing

To provide a better Lyrics Writing experience, Song Box includes a media player that will let you play songs or background tracks, or specific sections of songs on the background while you write your lyrics.
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Song Box Lyric Writer is a songwriting app that has been designed for song writers who need to have access quick access to their song lyrics. With Song Box Lyric Writer it is no longer necessary to carry around bulky notebooks or binders full of lyrics. Imagine you have been writing a song in the studio all day, and it is now time to leave, simply save the song to your phone and continue writing with Song Box Lyric Writer. We have designed Song Box Lyric to allow you to quickly start writing your songs as soon as your creative mind start going.

  • Write & Playback

    The core features of the app focus around song writing and music playback. Song Box features a complete word processor to suit all your songwriting needs, it has a media player so you can conveniently access your backing tracks.

  • Multi Device Support

    One of the advantages of Song Box is it's convenience; You may not always have your notebook or a recorder with you but you will always have your phone or tablet. This is why we are making it available to the iPhone,iPad, iPod touch and, later on, Android Devices.

  • Cloud Save

    To help you better manage your projects and share them with relevant people, Song Box offers Cloud Save and Sync functionalities (such as Dropbox save/share) and is integrated with social networks such as Facebook.

  • Affordable

    Song Box Lyric Writer is great for professional or amateur musicians, karaoke lovers, singer / song writers, or anyone who enjoys writing songs. It's also great for people who do not wish to spend a fortune.

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